Your bar. Busier.

Targeted, low-cost marketing for venues

Drinki gives huge exposure and incentivises customers to try your bar and stay there.
  • Increase footfall and revenue
    There are no sign up costs. We'll drive footfall to your venue and increase revenue, all for the raw material cost of your choice of drinki.
  • Discovery
    Drinki has over 250k customers and your venue will get roughly 500k impressions for each month on the platform.
  • Simple implementation in your venue
    There is nothing to install in your venue and minimal staff training. Activating your venue can happen in days.
  • Gain reviews on your venue and serves
    Each customer will rate the drinki and service out of five stars afterwards. This allows you to track performance of the drinki and staff.

We’ll let these guys do the talking for us

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